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Xarelto Lawsuit Attorneys

Xarelto Lawsuit Attorneys – How Much Can You Claim?

Xarelto lawsuit attorneys have helped thousands of people to launch personal injury claims against Bayer Healthcare (the marketer of the drug Xarelto) and Janssen Pharmaceutical (the manufacturer). These claims have been made on the basis that the companies concerned have been deemed to have misled the public and healthcare professionals regarding the safety and risks of this anti-coagulant medication. As a result, a number of people have suffered severe bleeding subsequently to taking it. If you have been affected and are thinking about bringing this type of bad drug lawsuit, read on to find out more.

Why Would You Bring An Xarelto Lawsuit?

Internal bleeding is the most serious potential injury caused by Xarelto. However, there are a number of other harmful side effects that could occur. This includes dyspnea, which is difficulty breathing; peripheral edema, a swelling of the lower limbs; hematoma, clots or masses in the blood; and decreased hemoglobin, which is the substance responsible for carrying oxygen in red blood cells. Some people also suffer infections associated with knee or hip replacement surgery. No matter what your situation is, if you feel you have been misled and you have suffered as a consequence, then Xarelto lawsuit lawyers can help you to get the compensation that you deserve. But how much compensation will you receive? Well, it is impossible to give a definitive figure; this is because every case is different and there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account in individual cases. Nonetheless, you can claim damages in a number of areas.

Your Xarelto Injury Attorney Can Advise On Damages To Be Claimed

For instance, you can claim for all past and future medical expenses related to the Xarelto complication you have experienced. This includes any required surgery, hospitalization, follow-up care and/ or rehabilitation. Your Xarelto injury attorney will also ensure you receive a fair settlement for the pain and suffering you have experienced, both now and in the future. Punitive damages will be awarded if appropriate. Additionally, you can claim for any income you have lost as a result if you have had to miss work while you recover, for example if you are self-employed or do not have access to any sick pay in your employment contract. Xarelto lawsuit attorneys will ensure your payout covers this. They will also claim for loss of expected earnings if it appears you will need time off work in future. This will be calculated based on your current pay grade combined with your future earning potential. Of course, hiring an experienced lawyer will also give you the best chance of securing the highest payout.

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