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Xarelto Lawsuit

Xarelto Lawsuit – Have You Been Harmed By Xarelto?

Xarelto lawsuit may be something you are interested in bringing if this drug has harmed you. Many Xarelto patients have filed lawsuits because they have suffered infections, wound leaks and bleeding after taking this popular blood thinner. At the time of writing, there are roughly 20,000 lawsuits that are pending in federal and state courts. It is alleged that the manufacturer and the advertiser of Xarelto are putting American citizens at risk of severe bleeds and even death. If you have been injured due to taking this medication, read on to discover more about launching a bad drug lawsuit.

Why Are People Filing A Bad Drug Lawsuit For Xarelto?

You may be wondering why people are making Xarelto claims and whether you have the basis for a Xarelto lawsuit. Basically, the medication is difficult to administer and it can complicate wound healing. A lot of people also feel they have been mis-sold Xarelto because the manufacturer and advertiser have not made this latter fact clear. What makes Xarelto so dangerous is that there is a very small window between a safe dose and an unsafe one. This is because of the drug’s narrow therapeutic index. Consequently, it is very easy for an individual to ingest too little or too much of Xarelto, and there is no antidote. Xarelto lawsuit attorneys often allude to the fact that blood tests are not required for monitoring when taking this drug, and this is why it is dangerous and defective. In basic terms, two people could take Xarelto and they could both have very different experiences; because the drug is safe at a certain point and then dangerous at another point that is within a very close range. So, let’s say one person is 200 pounds and the other is 110 pounds; or one individual is slighter older than the other, and they have varying kidney functions. Both people take the exact same dose of Xarelto. One individual is fine, yet the other suffers severe and dangerous bleeding. This example illustrates how erratic the impact of Xarelto can be and, therefore, why so many people are finding it necessary to hire Xarelto lawsuit lawyers to make a claim.

Xarelto Lawsuit Attorneys Can Represent You

You can launch a Xarelto lawsuit on the basis that the warnings provided by Bayer, the drug developer, are not strong enough. A lot of patients and lawyers believe that the drug’s risks are downplayed while the benefits are promoted. This has resulted in many people not being aware that there is no antidote for Xarelto. Another risk that is associated with this drug is that it can cause wound infections. Cuts take longer to heal when taking Xarelto. This is because it is a blood thinner, which reduces clotting. Because cuts take longer to heal, the risk of contracting a wound infection increases. In fact, reports indicate that Xarelto increases wound infections and leakage by ten. So, the most common grounds for a lawsuit Xarelto case are as follows: a failure to inform the public, health care industry and FDA about the dangers of the drug; failure to have a boxed warning about serious bleeding with the drug; and failing to adequately train health care providers about how to use Xarelto. In addition to this, victims feel that drug companies have not adequately warned patients about the heightened risk of gastrointestinal bleeds. They have also been accused of failing to provide adequate warning that elderly people are at a higher risk of Xarelto bleeds; that Xarelto does not have an antidote; and that it is impossible to measure the impact of Xarelto. If that was not enough, victims also feel drug companies have not provided adequate warnings about the safety risks of the drug; nor have they tested, research, and studied Xarelto sufficiently.

Are You Ready To Make A Claim For A Xarelto Lawsuit Settlement?

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the grounds under which a Xarelto lawsuit settlement can be made. However, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed regarding the whole process and how to go about making a claim. This is something you don’t need to worry about: you simply need to find the best lawyers to handle your claim for a Xarelto settlement. You will need an attorney with plenty of experience. Don’t only look for a professional who has launched claims for bad medication, but make sure they have specific experience in handling Xarelto claims. This is important because they will have then helped many people that have been in your position before and will know how to build a strong case. Assess the company’s track record and make sure they are clear about their fees. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise when you receive your legal bill. Make sure the legal firm you choose has a good reputation in the industry too, which means taking the time to read reviews that have been left by previous personal injury clients. This should give you a good indication regarding what it is like to work with the company: how honest they are, and how easy they are to get in contact with. One company that can be trusted to represent you effectively is JusticeHawk. We can help you get the justice you deserve.

Begin Your Xarelto Lawsuit With JusticeHawk

If you are ready to launch a Xarelto lawsuit, all you need to do is give JusticeHawk a call. We may only have opened in 2016, but our staff have years of experience and have helped many people to get the justice they deserve. Not only do we specialise in bad drug lawsuit cases, but we are also experts in divorce law, accident injury claims and personal injury cases. For more information about our business and the service we provide, simply head to http://www.justicehawk.com. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team directly on 941-363-6033. All calls are handled confidentially.

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